Since Ana Cissa Pinto was very young, she knew that her passion was to create beautiful things. Born in São Paulo, Ana grew up in a world surrounded by Brazilian artists and high society.   Her mother is a writer, her father and older brother are both painters and her younger brother is a renowned actor. It's not surprising that Ana has turned into a prolific and very creative Designer. 


Ana has been working as an Illustrator and Designer since adolescence, starting her career in São Paulo, doing illustrations for Magazines and prestigious newspapers such as 'Folha de São Paulo' and 'O Estado de São Paulo'.

While attending high school, Ana was invited to do an internship at a top Design company in São Paulo -  'São Paulo Criação'. This experience consolidated her resolution to pursue a career as a Designer. In the late 80's, Ana's parents moved to New York City with a Grant from FulBright and Ana tagged along. Ana’s move to New York led to formal design training at New York’s highly ranked Pratt Institute and then to work as a Designer and Creative Director for MTV, NICKELODEON, VH1, CBS, Al Jazeera News, Current TV, among others.

Ana has also been integrating her Design eye into another passion: Photography. Working behind the camera has opened up a whole new world in which she can create and express herself. Ana creates strong, telling images – and always beautiful. As she grows to know her subject, she forms a clear vision of how each photograph will look. It is most important to her to understand just how the pictures will be used so she can design each image to suit its purpose. Working first with the camera, and then with her own carefully developed process of delicate refinements, she meticulously crafts each layer of a photograph, from key light to the texture of the setting, to make-up, to the color and style of the wardrobe. For Ana the perfection of each detail is critical.

Her photography work is extensive, ranging from Portraits, to Travel, Architecture and Interior Design and also fine-art photography with her beautiful DAMSEL series.

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